Friday, August 21, 2009

L.A Trip pt.1

So me & my sexy man took a trip down to L.A back in July 3rd of this year, and we stayed at the Anaheim Plaza hotel & suites. The price was pretty good for us staying over the 4th of July weekend, Not only that but it was right across the street from Disneyland! YAY! We did have to call the front desk a couple of times for the same thing tho. Not really a biggy to me. Other then that it felt like me n Fiance had our own lil studio apartment. The 1 major thing that sucked was the tiny lil now (old fashioned) t.v they have in there. But you do get what you pay for. We eat at there breakfast buffet the morning we left, Holy shit, that place was bomb! That is going to be 1 of the reasons why we will stay there again! LOL I love breakfast. Since im never really up in time to eat it. LOL. The first day we got there we just chilled and hung out in the room, tired from the long hot drive. We had to get used to being in the heat. Since this was my first vacation in like fucking 4 years, YES 4. I am still excited i went to L.A. I never would have thought i would of gone there. I grew up not so lucky to travel only when we had to move. I am now in control of my own destinations!! Stay tuned for part 2!

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