Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hair history

Ok so i have been trying to grow my hair to my waist forever now.

I had damaged my hair so bad that i lost my long thick hair.
Silly me i wanted thin st8 hair. Becareful what you wish for.
I flat iron it almost every day, bleached it, did a at home st8 perm, then when i met my fiance i permed it. That's when it got all F'ed up.
Anyways i now have shoulder length sadly thin hair. NOT what i want.

I want my my long thick hair back.
I m going on a journey people, yep a hair journey. My hair goals,
Long, healthy, thick, shiny, bouncy hair!

I cant wait till my 1year update.

No more

flat irons



or chemicals

Going green, Got green?!!! LOL

Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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